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Hashimi has denied the charges he says were fabricated by Maliki's government, and said he was willing to face judges in the northern Kurdish enclave, which has its own regional government and armed forces. The crisis risks unravelling a fragile year-old power-sharing deal among Shia, Sunni and Kurdish blocs that have struggled to overcome tensions since sectarian slaughter in the years after Saddam Hussein's fall in 2003.

Shia leaders say the case involves law enforcement against individuals and does not target a community, but the Sunni minority fears that Maliki is increasing his hold on the government and marginalising Sunnis. In a system devised under US occupation to divide power, Iraq has a Shia prime minister with Sunni and Kurd deputies, a Kurdish president with Shia and Sunni vice-presidents, and a Sunni parliament speaker.

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In this hands-on workshop, delivered in the tried and tested Standardistas’ style®, we look back at the generations of designers that didn’t spend their days in front of a computer, instead plying their craft using a wealth of analogue tools. Maliki has also asked parliament to sack the Sunni deputy prime minister, Saleh al-Mutlaq. Hashimi and Mutlaq are the country's most senior Sunni politicians. The White House on Tuesday said it was "obviously concerned" about the arrest warrant issued for Hashimi and urged that the inquiry be conducted according to the rule of law.

The last US troops withdrew from Iraq on Sunday nearly nine years after the invasion that toppled the Sunni dictator Saddam. In thepost-revolutionary Egypt, several women were undressed, whether willfully oragainst their consent. A varying degree of uproar usually ensues. It’s reallycurious to witness the frenzy that.